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The Agrofunding Institute was created with the objective of promoting the development of projects and activities related to agribusiness and the environment, fostering support, research, development and innovation.

Through a crowdfunding portal that brings together multiple forms of capital raising, Agrofunding is the first platform in Brazil specialized in agribusiness, which aims to raise capital for innovative projects or social projects, while promoting social marketing for supporting partner companies.


To foment innovation and socio-environmental responsibility in agribusiness, contributing to the execution of productive inclusion projects and to socioeconomic development in the field.


To be a reference for entrepreneurs seeking support and funding for efficient, sustainable and inclusive projects.


With respect, trust and transparency, we work to strengthen innovative, competitive and sustainable enterprises, in the commitment to fulfill our mission with excellence.

How it works

Our process

Project Selection
Curation and suitability
Technical assistance
Allows validation of new business models
Generates products that adapt to the market
Broadens the access of good ideas to the market (innovation)
Builds a client base from the supporters
Promotes greater visibility to project makers
Generates Social Marketing for supporting companies

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